There’s really one marketing strategy for ad agencies to use in the 21st century: social media advertising. Social networks display adverts based on user data. A social media ad agency can use this data to connect with the target audience for brands. Social media’s ease and ability to bring in new customers is powerful when used correctly. These are the 6 best social networks for e-commerce advertising.


Used by over 2 billion people, Facebook is more influential than any other platform. It offers a full targeted ad service for companies, generating leads and crunching the data for you, creating a high-conversion rate for clicks and views. It’s easy for agencies to use the demographics to create copy to meet specific target markets.


With 500 million monthly users and the highest engagement rate of any social media platform (60% higher than Facebook), Instagram is key for the millennial market. The platform is ideal for agencies who are able to produce visual media. Ads can link straight to a website or a landing page, meaning that users can directly engage with products.


With 328 million monthly users, Twitter is the best network for organic engagement. Twitter has a promote mode, where agencies can pay a monthly fee to boost their reach, but the most effective way to connect with users is to get involved in the fun aspects of the platform. Interacting with other brands, posting content to tie-in with recent events, or joining in with popular hashtags are ways to build organic engagement.


Pinterest has 175 million monthly users that are over 81% female, showing high engagement. Users primarily use this platform to find and develop creative ideas, so agencies that can appeal to this market do very well with its ad platform. Promoted pins can build a strong engagement with Pinterest’s highly targeted search engine.


LinkedIn has 227 million monthly users, evenly split between men and women. As a platform for working professionals, B2B products find their audience better than on other networks. Their integrated ad targeting can focus on company, job title, education, and skills, creating highly customisable marketing in finding target audiences.


Snapchat has 301 million monthly users. Snapchat offers interactive video ads that have five times more click-through than other platforms, but these can be expensive. However, geofilters (creative overlays that users can add to their stories) can cost less with a high level of engagement; at least 20,000 views per ad.

Advertising on social media networks is one of the easiest ways to reach out to customers and find new ones. But even the best social network will not achieve what you want unless you know what you’re doing and there is a good social media ad agency. Take the first step today and contact our expert team. You’ll save countless hours experimenting with the platforms discussed in this article.