As a leading digital advertising agency, we use innovative techniques to harness consumer empowerment for the benefit of our clients. We are constantly developing new digital psychological techniques to drive sales on behalf of clients.

Today’s empowered consumers are online 24 hours a day, wherever they are, and on any connected device. The Internet fulfils multiple, disparate needs, from online shopping to chatting with friends, from playing games to reading the news. This has created opportunity and challenge for advertisers as they can now reach consumers throughout the day (and night) with appealing and exciting advertising formats.

Through digital advertising, marketers can now interact with consumers who are no longer just passive recipients of advertising content, but active contributors; they share, comment and like communications that appeal to them. The consumer now has a very active role in the advertising process and is empowered to influence others.

Some consumers have taken this to the next level by becoming “influencers”. Whether micro-influencers with a small but highly engaged audience or high-profile influencers with a larger but less clearly defined audience, influencer marketing has become an important element in today’s marketing mix and reflects the presence of empowered and evolved buyers who are influencing others on social media platforms.

Smarter digital advertising agencies are now utilising digital psychology to drive sales. We fully embrace this approach; with machine learning techniques which add a psychological layer to our Engage Engine™; we enable brands to truly empathise with their customers.

Our framework includes:

Care: Learn, Rework, Loyalty/Recency
See: Data Analysis, Customer feedback, Web Search
Think: Roadmap, Outcomes and Objectives
Do: Analyse, Measure, Strategy

Our techniques are contributing to the evolution of digital advertising:

Mobile and web e-commerce development: our work is focused around the user, driving enhanced customer engagement. Whether you have a radical new idea for your website or you would simply like to take advantage of our years of digital experience and insight, we are ready to help.

Data Migration, Marketing Automation and CRM: whether you need to migrate a modest number of customer records, your entire CRM database or thousands of product pages, we will help you to relocate your data to its new home safely and securely, maintaining its integrity.

Digital strategy: the output from any meaningful strategy exercise will be a clear and concise set of actions. We make tangible, actionable recommendations which can be delivered by you, your in-house team or by our experts.

Social Reach Advertising: for clients that aim to reach their target audience through the social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

So the answer is yes. Consumer empowerment can drive digital success. Why not contact a member of our friendly team to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to propose tailored guidance. You are just one step away from your new digital advertising strategy.