In today’s world, it’s hard for businesses to imagine being online without a social media presence. However, merely having a social media account will not help you get followers and leads. Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you need to step up your social media game to cultivate your brand, improve customer service, engage your audience and at the end meet your business goals.

We have put together a few tips that will help you build a better social media presence:

  • Choose the right social media platforms: Just because there is a social media channel doesn’t mean your business has to be on it. Not all social media channels have the same purpose and the same audience. While Facebook is a great place to generate B2C leads and create brand awareness, LinkedIn is great for B2B lead generation and networking. We can help you analyse the right platforms for your business and the content ideas to engage with the audience. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we will successfully integrate social media into your marketing mix.
  • Focus on customer service: Many customers these days turn to social media when they need help from brands. They prefer to get in touch with the brand on social media rather than waiting for them to reply to an email. Ensure that your brand has an authentic conversation when dealing with the customer’s query or complaint.
  • Be careful with trends: To improve social media presence, many businesses take advantage of popular social media trends. But it’s important for them to carefully use trending hashtags or memes. They don’t overdo it or for the sake of doing it.  They could even help your post go viral. Use trending hashtags or memes in such a way that they relate to your business. If you want to use trending topics to your advantage, we can help you with the tools that will help you see what’s trending.
  • Find your voice: The last thing people want on social media is a brand that is just busy promoting its products. Use social media as a tool for engagement and communication. Keep the conversations authentic and real. Find a brand voice that interacts with your audience because you don’t want to come across a faceless corporation. Get personal with the audience by behind-the-scenes photos or your team’s photos or find inspiring content ideas that align well with your business
  • Actively engage with your audience: Leverage the power of visual content to actively engage with your audience. Remember cultivating social media presence takes time and patience. Sharing user-generated content is also a great way to increase engagement.

Social media is continually becoming a powerful online marketing place for companies and brands. However, businesses are still looking at social media in isolation.  As a full- service digital marketing agency we can help you link social media with your marketing activities.