As a Charity or Not-For-Profit, you are always on a lookout to create a difference in everyone’s lives, so they can go and live a life they want and need.

All the services that you carry out require time and effort from your side as well as constant contributions. When you build an organisation on the foundations for helping people in need without expecting anything in return, it gets hard to bring in the cash to stay afloat.

Normally, a business has to compete with other businesses for attention and sales, but as a charity or NFP, you will have to also look into contributions. One has to maintain all of this, while constantly working on a message to reach everyone, without having a marketing or PR agency backing them up. Furthermore, you will have to have a digital presence for possible donations, not just from your country, but people all over the world that are keen on being a part of your initiative and want to make a difference.

That is where we come in, as your Digital Agency, we take care of everything from hosting your website to on-going support and maintenance.


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