Sometimes Support is all you need

Doing it the Right Way!

There are two ways arrangements can be – one where, like in the neo-noir movies, we meet, make a deal, shake hands, and never see each other again. The second one- we meet, work on everything together, and have a long-term relationship where we take care of your business’ digital assets and give it all the care and attention.

You have got a friend in us

We are in this together, and we want to see all your milestones and celebrate with you. Let us be that 3 AM friend you call for help. We will be there along the way to guide you in every way we can. Even with everything running smoothly, your car, bike, or air-con need service once in a while, right? Similarly, your website will need one too. We do not just focus on maintenance, so if there is an update or a new technology that you would benefit from, we bring them to you. We customise our support and maintenance for you, but this what it roughly includes

Ongoing support either over the phone, email, or in-person

We have all been there working at our business at odd hours, finding some issue, and wanting to fix it right away. That motivation ensured us to provide our customers with ongoing support in whatever way possible.

Management of Bugs and Issues

Bugs are everywhere in real life and digital, they are the unwanted aspects of life we can’t do much about, except managements. If you found one or two or many, we fix them for you.

Periodical reporting

Sometimes everything is going well, but even then you will have to conduct routine checks and report the status. For that, we conduct monthly reporting.

Recommendations and Suggestions

If we believe something would benefit you and your business, we will recommend it to you. If you need something changing within your existing process, we will suggest it to you.