We, at Incrementum Digital, understand that everyone’s different like a snowflake- similarly, they have different needs.

Research and Development

Here is where we start, we talk to you, we observe, we research. We analyse and develop plans to work on a custom digital strategy. It will include end-to-end solutions from competitive analysis to situational analysis.

We start with an initial consultation call, where we listen to everything you have in mind and aspects you are still uncertain about, we will discuss everything about your business and requirements, follow it up with questions, concerns, analysis, and more.

We firmly believe in the fact that good things start with extensive research and understanding. In our given timeframe, we allocate some time for research and development, see how you are doing in comparison to your competitors, what are the gaps if there are any or anything we might have missed during our initial discussion.

Custom Digital Strategy

We then proceed to the next stage, where we implement our findings and analysis. We do so by trying out age-old methods as well as innovative ones. Every strategic plan we come up with, we tailor it to suit your needs.

Once we get all of that sorted, then we come up with a strategy keeping your requirements, budget, and the findings in mind. We do this by using some tried-and-test methods that our years of experience, both as an agency and individually have taught us. Whether you are starting out or want to re-define your digital strategy, we will have you covered.

We believe in tailoring the digital strategy to individual needs as opposed to giving a generic, one-size-fits-all one which is not going to work in the long run. Giving you a strategy that will cater to your needs and requirements is what we strive to do. While we believe in taking up advancement in technology seriously, we also analyse whether it is a good fit for you. There’s no point of using a torchlight in the sun, right?

Roadmap and Execution

Now that we have a customised digital strategy in place, we work on a roadmap for its implementations- this will include timelines and schedules. We also routinely check if we are on the right track to achieve your goals.

Once we have a strategy that you are happy with, we work on establishing a roadmap on how to take it forward. After all, a good strategy is a perfect aid to reach one’s business goals. Whatever your digital requirement might be, whether it is to establish a digital brand presence, set up an eCommerce store, nurture existing relationships, or have a better content strategy in place, we create a roadmap to execute.

In the execution step, we look at your objectives, goals, needs, and timeframes. In the process, we also touch-base to see that you are in the right direction of your goals. We also look into keeping your budget in check.

Assistance and Support

Our job doesn’t end when you achieve your goals, we believe in forming long-term relationships, and that’s possible with constant assistance and support. Whatever your need or query is, we are here to assist and support you.

Now, that we have executed the roadmap to reaching your visions and goals, we focus on giving you holistic assistance and support. Which means whatever aspects that are or aren’t involved with strategy but are inter-related in some way, we take care of it. These factors can be external or even worst-case scenarios. We also strive to deliver on-going support after our collaboration. After everything, we celebrate your success- together.