Over the years, LinkedIn with approximately 774 million global LinkedIn users, has emerged as one of the most preferred platforms for small businesses. Its marketing potential works well for B2B and B2C businesses. Here are some of the benefits of LinkedIn for small businesses:

  • Helps in building a professional network
  • Provides exposure to your products and services
  • Helps in generating leads
  • Promotes a good relationship between you and your contact
  • It helps in keeping an eye on your competitors


Here are a few tips to use LinkedIn for small businesses to boost their LinkedIn presence:

  • Optimise your LinkedIn page: Optimising your company’s page on LinkedIn is a good way to grow organically on the platform. Here are a few things to be done:
  • Update the profile fully
  • Use best SEO practices
  • Do research on keywords and include them organically in the content
  • Content should be engaging and according to the targeted audience 

  • Join LinkedIn pages: Joining LinkedIn pages that are relevant to your work is a good way to get knowledge about the top trends and work accordingly. You will get good insights on what your competitors are doing. This way you can build a good network by sharing your ideas. 

  • Share content that showcases your expertise:  Be careful about what you share on your LinkedIn page. Your content should amplify your presence and be relevant according to your business. Content should engage the people visiting your profile. Promoting blogs, company’s news and employee’s spotlights will help in growing organically. 

  • Custom URL for company page: While creating the LinkedIn page for your company do not forget to create a custom URL for your page. Custom URL looks more relevant, short and easy to remember. It optimises the page and provides better visibility to your page. 

  • Engage your employee and network base: Do not forget to engage your employees base. This will help you page’s content to get in contact with similar industry peers. It is a good way to get relevant connections and followers. Also invite people in your network to like your company’s page. 

  • Use analytics to track growth: Through the company’s page you can access the analytics including the current post engagement, impressions and demographics. You can use this information in your favour and create your similar kinds of posts which are getting better responses among your audience. 

  • Pin the most popular post on top of the feed: An important LinkedIn marketing strategy for small businesses is to pin a post on the top of their page feed. You can use this feature tactically as it can act as a good way to engage with your new connection. You can add customer testimonials, videos, and reviews. 

  •  Add Community Hashtags: Linked allows you to use three hashtags. So add the hashtags that are relevant to your business. This will help others view and engage with the trending posts of yours. It is a good way to boost your company’s presence. 

Need a tailor-made LinkedIn marketing strategy for your business? 

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