Experiential marketing is a strategy that focuses on engaging the consumer directly through immersive business experiences. In the case of traditional marketing, consumers are regarded as the company’s passive receivers. In experiential marketing, a business can involve the consumer directly and offers a window into an advertising campaign’s evolution.  Digital experiential marketing uses online methods to engage consumers. As a reputed digital marketing agency in Melbourne, we share with you useful insights on experiential marketing:

1. It gives consumers a new way to experience a business:

Experiential marketing is a unique and effective way to generate business awareness. By using non-traditional methods, businesses can create interesting and memorable experiences for consumers. These experiences allow people to interact with the business in a personal way, forming a positive opinion of the business. In turn, this can lead to increased business loyalty and sales. Experiential marketing is an important tool for any business looking to build a strong and authentic relationship with its consumers.

2. It gives people a chance to interact with a business:

Experiential marketing is a huge opportunity for businesses to build a positive image and connect with their consumers on a deeper level. Through interactive and memorable experiences, businesses can create loyalty and goodwill among their target audience. Engaging experiences are typically fun and unique, providing people with a positive interaction that they will remember.

3. It helps create shareable moments: 

Apart from generating in-the-moment sales and awareness, experiential marketing can have a trickle effect on business, as customers share their experiences on social media.

4. Events and experiences work very powerfully:

Experiential content provides value across numerous marketing approaches and strategies. For example, social media platforms are excellent channels for sharing short videos or images that capture an experience. In addition, driving on-site engagement at events can create opportunities to connect with potential customers and promote the business. As per a survey, 85% of consumers are likely to make a purchase after participating in experiences and events.

5. Examples of the best experiential marketing campaigns: 

Given below are the  experiential marketing examples that demonstrate the advantages of this experiential marketing strategy:

  • Ben and Jerry’s: In their 2011 tour, Ben and Jerry’s allowed the customers to tweet their want for free ice cream. The ice cream company set up a van in various locations across the country and if someone tweeted at them, they would bring the person a pint of ice cream. This campaign showed that digital and experiential marketing can work together to create a successful marketing campaign.
  • Adidas #jumpwithdrose: On time in London, Adidas set up a pop-up store and had Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose challenge fans to win trainers by taking them off a 10-foot-high shelf. The company filmed the event and released a video that showcased it to the public. The original version got over 500,000 views. This marketing campaign was successful in multiple ways.
  • Lancôme: Lancôme has always been a business that prides itself on its innovation and cutting-edge technology. The business has taken its digital game to a whole new level with the launch of the first bespoke make-up filter in collaboration with Snapchat. The filter, which was available for 24 hours, is also available via a snap code that lasts for three months. Highlighting the business’s products and innovations, the filter also creates a made-up face by tapping on the eyes.

Looking for an innovative online marketing strategy that works for your business? 

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