The purpose of SEO writing is to  create useful and engaging content that is well-optimised for search engines. This entire process involves planning, creating and optimisation of content. By making a-well planned SEO strategy you can increase traffic to your website and grow your business.  It is very important to keep your SEO content writing updated because as people’s opinions change, algorithms also change. 

Here we share some of the ways to improve your SEO content writing:

  • Good keywords research: Whenever you have SEO in your mind you might think of taking as many keywords as possible but this may make your content convoluted and unorganised . It is always better to take one as your primary keyword and work around it. Your primary keyword should be the main focus of the blog.. Your additional keyword should be chosen wisely as it should be somewhat related to the primary keyword so that inculcating it into the article does not change the article’s focus.
  • Research your topic well: The first thing that we need to do while doing SEO writing is to find out the target audience and to find out what topics matter to them. When the audience is defined it is easier to write accordingly. The next step is to do correct formatting of your writing. Formatting will be based on the search intent of the user. It could be informational, commercial or transactional.
  • Well-optimised metadata: Meta description is what people see in their google search under the page title. It is a good way to attract users to the site. You can optimise your meta description by doing few things such as 
  1. Create a meta description for each page on your site and should be accurately describing that specific page
  2. Inculcate required keywords in the meta description.
  3. Try to keep your meta description short and crisp. Include critical information such as price, age, manufacturer in their description.
  • Catchy H1 tag: H1 is the title tag in the article. To add creativity you can make your H1 catchy. You can do it by making your H1 unique; this will help the visitors to not get lost among similar pages on your website.Use catchy words such as  ‘how,’ ‘why,’ ‘what,’ and ‘where.’ People get more attracted towards these kinds of articles because you have made the intention of the article clear in the beginning. You can also use top10, 8 best and so on to attract the attention of consumers. 
  • Content structure and readability: Content should be presented in a proper structure. This enhances its readability. To make your content look more appealing it should have short paragraphs, correct use of H2 and H3 tags, include questions in subheadings, do not keep too long sentences, use bullets for different points and more. All this makes it more readable and presentable.
  • Add visual content: Besides writing text, adding visuals also makes the content engaging and more understandable. Infographics, checklists and templates can work well to make your content attractive. The more relevant your content is, the more chances of getting backlinks. While adding a picture do not forget to resize it otherwise it will increase the page loading time and users might bounce to some other site. Another important thing is to add alt tags to the images and change  the generic name of the picture to a readable name as this gives clues to the search engine about the topic.  
  • Adjust interlinking: Internal links means the links which take you to other relevant pages of the same website. Internal links help search engines to find the other relevant interlinked content on your site. It will also help users coming to your site by taking it to another relevant issue interlinked with the topic. Interlinking helps in your content ranking.
  • Make your URL readable: Writing a quality, readable URL is necessary as it helps the user to understand what’s there inside. A readable URL is self explanatory.

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