Be it any business, bounce rate is an important factor they must keep in mind when it comes to their website’s performance. A bounce rate tells how well people are engaging with a webpage’s content. A bounce rate is the percentage of website visits  that are single-page sessions. This means the user visiting the site is not going through other pages of the website and immediately leaving it. Why does bounce rate matter? When visitors and customers bounce off, this reduces the chances of conversions. A poor bounce rate can be attributed to many factors including poor user experience, lack of CTA or cluttered website.  

Here we share with you a few tips to improve the bounce rate of your website: 

  • Improve page loading speed: If your website is taking too long to open, it leaves a bad user experience and there is a high probability of the user to move to another website. Make sure to maintain a good loading speed to avoid bounce rate.
  • Make the site search easy: Some websites do not have the option to search which makes it difficult for the user to search for a specific product. All this adds to user dissatisfaction and you will lose your potential customer. So, it is essential to have easy site search.
    • Focus on designing your website: Your website should be able to provide a good user experience so that the user stays on your website. It should provide easy navigation through the website. So that the user can easily visit different pages and get the desired information. Avoid having broken links as this adds to a bad user experience. Your website should be attractive enough to prevent bouncing of users. 
  • Keep it mobile-friendly: Today most of the users make online purchases through their mobile phones so, it is essential that your website is mobile-friendly. Mobile users generally are less patient than desktop users. If they are not getting the required experience they will immediately move to some other site.
  • Your content should be easy to read: A good user experience starts with high readability. If the content you are posting is easily understandable, readable and engaging the user is more likely to spend time on your website. If the content is in the form of unorganised chunks of text and do not have any attractive subheadings and photos, users are likely to leave.  Make your website attractive with catchy headlines , do proper structuring and use bullet points for better readability. use . 

You should not limit yourself with the written content but add images, videos also to make it more engaging.

  • Use relevant keywords: Keywords play an important role in leading in the search list of the search engine. Using relevant keywords will help your content to be ranked higher. So while writing using the keywords naturally and keeping the content engaging and to the point will help Google to send visitors to your site and this reduces your bounce rate.
  • Avoid using too many popups: Sometimes too many popups interfere between the user and the content. Make this as a thumb rule to make the user readability as easy as possible.  If there is any obstruction between them there are chances of the user to bounce to another site. You can also limit the ads which are distracting for the user. 
  • Use internal links to keep the user on your website: Internal links will help the user to stay on your website for a longer period of time. This will help them to be engaged and increase their average time spent on a website. 
  • Use Google Analytics and other tools: Google Analytics or many other tools can be used to know time spent on site, bounce rate, pages per session, most frequently and least frequently visited pages and many more. All this information will be useful to prevent the bounce rate from going up.

A web design is important for your business as it affects how your audience perceives your business. The user experience that you offer can make your customers either remain on your website or leave. As an award-winning digital marketing agency,we can help you ensure that your website has a great design and exceptional content. We also take care of ongoing support and maintenance. Our design and user experience teams work closely to deliver you the perfect user experience for your customers.